Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello friend,

My name is André Jolicoeur. You've probably never met me, although chances are you've heard of me. I'm very big in some circles (mostly related to whittling). But don't let that stop you from reaching out across the internets to get to know me, because I'd like nothing more than to let you take a peek or two at my brains.

First things first, every time I start a new site I like to have an archive of what came before it. If you're into digging through my past, here's where you'll want to start:

2008 Andre Jolicoeur Illustration Blog -
2006 -

Second things second, enjoy the new site! Lots of the stuff I'm going to be posting early in the blog is recycled content. But don't touch that dial, new and exciting arts and musings are a stones throw away.

Third things third, bees can smell fear. So if you find yourself in the unlikely situation of having a beehive fall onto your head, RELAX, and everything will be fine.