Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Spiders in my Workshop

Last spring I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Soon after, I noticed a big black spider lurking in the entrance of my workshop. She was quite hideous, big and black. At first I let her live because I was too lazy to kill her, and soon enough I started saying "Hi" as I passed her on my way to paint. I called her Shelob, after the spider in the Lord of the Rings. Seemed a proper name from the way Shelob was described in the book, big and black and old and rank, but also wise and ancient. Then when winter came she died, but she left behind a big egg sack and sure enough the following spring there was a whole new generation of Shelob's children keeping my workshop's entrance bug free. I didn't name them all, but I noticed there was one who had taken up residence in Shelob's old spot (right by the bottom of the door, where she had dibs on all the best bugs crawling in). I called her Shelob the Second. I just noticed that she's dead. I never cared for spiders before, but then again I never got to know any. Let me just say I'm a changed man. I'll never again kill a spider that's not bothering anyone, and I'm looking forward to meeting Shelob the Thrid next spring.